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What to Expect During Your Roofing Replacement Project

So, you’re finally ready to get your roof replaced.   After the details of your contract have been finalized your project manager will submit a work order to our production department for scheduling.  You will be notified as soon as a date for your roofing replacement project has been determined.   Most projects begin two to three weeks after the original job submission.  If you have any questions or concerns during this time please don’t hesitate to contact your project manager.  We will always try our best to maintain your original project date but production is weather dependent and dates are subject to change.

One or two days prior to commencement of your roofing replacement all materials will be delivered to your home.  Please make sure you have determined a place for delivery with your project manager and ensure the space is clear the day materials are dropped off.  Now that materials have arrived you will want to walk through your house and take down anything valuable that may be hanging on your walls or near shelf edges. Vibrations during your roofing replacement carry easily through the wood framing of most homes and can cause things to fall.

The day of the build the crew will arrive in the morning to begin the removal of your old roof.  After all felt and shingles have been removed  the crew will perform a visual inspection of your decking condition.  If any rotted wood is found your project manager will notify you and it will be replaced in accordance with the details outlined in your contract.  Once the crew has a clean surface to work with they will install underlayment followed by the roofing material you have chosen.

As the roofing crew is completing the installation they will begin the clean up process including the use of a magnetic nail sweep to remove as many loose nails as possible from your yard.  It is good practice to keep an eye out for loose nails after your project is complete as some can become hidden and tangled in the grass.

Your new roofing project is finally complete!  Your project manager will review the finished job with you and go over any questions you may have.  Once you have determined the roof has been completed to your satisfaction you will be asked to sign a certificate of completion.  Now all you have to do is enjoy your new professionally installed roof!

Apex Roofing of Greater Kentucky’s main offices are located in Lexington with service areas throughout central Kentucky, Louisville and London.  Please call us today for a free inspection at (859) 523-2739.

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